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8 hr

Battery Runtime

50 kg

Low impact tare weight

GOVOR is a powerful lightweight electric tractor designed to automate outdoor manual labour tasks for row based growers.


Built on a scalable technology platform GOVOR uses IoT connectivity and GPS waypoints to autonomously tow and activate Smart Trailer Attachments. Small, light and low impact – the more you deploy the higher your throughput.

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Join the future of Horticulture

Robotic towing machines to boost productivity & reduce your environmental footprint

Increase global productivity and reduce our impact on the planet. Transforming how we tackle tasks between the rows on the vineyard, orchard and beyond.



Electric, scalable. Powered by AI.

Take control of when and where labour resources are deployed.

Alleviate labour and skill shortages

Automate tasks & monitor remotely. Leveraging robotics to tackle repetitive manual tasks.

Automate tasks remotely
Own Device

Lightweight electric solutions with smaller carbon footprints and less emissions.

Reduce your footprint

Increase your productivity with a scalable collaborative fleet.

Accessible Agritech



600 Kg

Towing Capacity

2-4 Km/h

Operating Speed

The Smart Trailer Attachments are built to tackle specific tasks so you’re only towing what you need when you need it. The simple hitch systems allows trailers to be easily swapped out so GOVOR is active year round regardless of the seaonal demands. GOVOR Smart Trailer Attachments target areas such as Spraying, Cultivating, Mowing or Hauling. With a scalable platform Attachments can be designed and developed to meet industry demands. 


The Agovor® Platform

A growing ecosystem of Smart Attachment Trailers means your investment is kept busy year round regardless of the season.

The Attachments

A growing ecosystem of Smart Attachment Trailers means your investment is kept busy year round regardless of the season.

The Attachments
GOVOR Attachment

Powered by AI, GOVOR is the future of automating outdoor tasks for row based growers.

The Tractor

Use your existing devices for deploying, monitoring and controlling your autonomous workforce. Manage a single GOVOR or an entire fleet.

The Portal
GOVOR Portal
GOVOR Attachment


600 kg

Towing Capacity

2-4 km/h

Operating Speed

The simple hitch system allows trailers to be easily swapped out so GOVOR is active year round regardless of the seasonal demands. GOVOR Smart Trailer Attachments can Spray, Cultivate, Mow, Haul and more.


Attachments can be designed and developed to meet industry demands.

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The R&D journey


Market Opportunity

Every year over 2 million combustion tractors are sold globally. With the Paris Agreement goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 and increasing labour shortages it was time to break the mould of the horticulture sector.


Founding Agovor®

Agovor was founded by the owner of a commercial nursery with an established history coupled with an Automation Engineer expert seeking to create productivity solutions with a global impact.


Field Testing

Over 2 years of field testing in challenging environments encountering narrow rows, turbulent weather and rugged terrain. Development has continued to been shaped by customer feedback from real world scenarios.


Govor Launch

Generational improvements continue to shape GOVOR with Gen4 currently being deployed. The next stage of the R&D journey is working with industry partners to develop and build out the wider ecosystem of Smart Trailer Attachments to best serve the horticulture sector.

Frequent Questions


  • Directly in the AGOVOR Portal. Everything is mapped and controlled from your smartphone, tablet or web browser.

  • Yes. GOVOR can tow any attachment with a standard tow hitch. You can enter the attachment dimensions in the AGOVOR Portal and GOVOR will do the rest. Alternatively AGOVOR can supply you with a smart control box so GOVOR knows about your attachment as soon as it is plugged in.

  • Now. If you are in New Zealand, contact us to place an order. If you are outside New Zealand and are interested in purchasing or distributing please get in touch.

  • No. GOVOR fleets are suitable for any row based environment. If you have an idea where you would like to deploy GOVOR, get in touch with us.